Saturday, April 4, 2015

this is the end...

so james and i were going over some scripts last night and in the midst of re-reading old shit (which by the way if you write stuff, go back and read things you wrote when you started. look at what you thought was good) and that act destroyed our productivity. 

so, as we will, we started watching old things weve made.

all the usual videos but we also came across our black party videos. 

the black party was an event where all the attendees had to create some kind of video to show the rest of the attendees. it could be about anything and its an amazing idea.

shout out to tim westhoff. 

the video i made was kind of the tv-show-turned-movie version of these vine videos i was making at the time.

which can be seen here

there are a few more but this is the basic principle. 

this is a lot of set up for a thing that doesnt matter.

jim really likes this so i put it on my youtube channel. 


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