Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Drunk Octopus: Full Wooden Toothpick

i always forget to post this on here

but people always forget to care about this blog



Matt (Who Raps): the no name freestyle


i love em

this video is kind of a perfect example of how i like to work with other people. 

the "client" has a basic idea
i have an idea for how to shoot it
i bring on someone in to help with audio who brings in a great idea
the whole thing breaks wide open and everything works wonderfully.

check out matts skills.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

a dream

have you ever wanted to make a thing simply because a resource became available to you? 

i have. 

all the time.

this is a twofer. i wanted to use the osmo in a practical way along with the dinosaurs i bought off pond5. this was a given theme video for a contest of sorts that we had to shoot and cut very quickly so....perfect?

i dunno. 


Seriously Unprepared presents: Monolopy

i shot a think for a fantastic improv group/people. 

this wont be the final audible version but im done sitting on it.


i bought a DJI osmo. 


i got it as a glidecam replacement. so if it turns out im wrong, ill just have an expensive tourist cam. 



and katie <3 p="">

Friday, January 1, 2016

Goals are hard

well a year has gone by and i didn't make it to my post goal number. I'm ok with it i suppose. i just wish i could remember i have that EOS-M more. i take pictures pretty much everyday but rarely with that camera. i think it could be more of a reminder goal. my new years resolution is to remember i have it more and try to make that my go to instead of my phone. which was pretty much last years goal. and it didn't work.

ah well. 

i think the main thing is just to be better. which is hard to not accomplish if you just make things. 

which I'm ok with the level I'm currently at.

here are the last pictures of the year.

and these two lovelies from MY lovely!