Thursday, July 28, 2011

cellphone magic

cellphones are amazing. beyond the magic of basically unlimited communication with the entire world, they have cameras better then point and shoot cameras made 2 years ago. plus the FREE software (well, mostly free) photo manipulation applications can transform a picture into something completely amazing.


i took this picture at my work in the counter area.

pretty much........nothing. then i used an application called "percolate" and turned it into this

which, as you can see, pretty much assigns colored circles based on the shapes in the picture. then with an application called "instagram", i turned it into this...

which i think is pretty insane. i did a poll on facebook and twitter asking what people think and most of the response was wallpaper. its just a filter but it gave it this life. it REALLY does look like something physical. something real. the filter adds these imperfections to picture that somehow manifested these reflections of light on some of the shapes. the "tilt-shift'' feature is just a controlled blur thats replicates shallow depth of field.

i think its more amazing then i probably should hahah.