Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekly Happenings 3/22

Where You Headed

so i was approached to shoot a video. after some back and forth emails with the producer, i assumed we were shooting at understood time and location.

these are the emails from Thursday to saturday.


Hi. We are filming a parody. You came highly recommended by a fellow producer. This might be last minute but we are filming on Saturday at a basketball game and Wednesday for the head interviews. If you are free and interested, please let me know. The script is attached. Thanks. 


Hello! Depending on the times for Saturday I could probably make it but Wednesday I work all day. 


It's Saturday at 2. Do you have your own equipment?


Where is the location located? Yes I do. I shoot stuff on dslrs. Canon 7d specifically. 


Hi. The address is below. So, you have a Canon 7D and lights?


I do. 

What kind of crew is involved?


We are trying to get crew together. You might have to fly solo for Saturday's basketball game. 


Is there a specific episode you're trying to parody directly? Or is this more general. Is there a link you can send so I know how to shoot it? How's the stands extras stuff. 


(No response)


I'm here in the parking lot. Just let me know when you get here.


I'm sorry I think we had a miscommunication. Today was going to be the basketball game but we are no longer going to be shooting it switch was in the suburbs.

so yeah. she's a super pro. 

luckily it was very close to a friend I've made videos with before and he wasn't to busy. 

day saved!

so i wrote this stream of absurdity short that i kinda never expected to actually make but liked anyways a few years ago. we couldn't think of anything better that would be as easy.

so enjoy?

Drunk Octopus episode 8: Memorial Day

Thursday, March 19, 2015


New video!! i wrote this as a "until we can do the other thing" video for a friend. he wasn't so into it. sooooooo i made another friend do it.