Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2015: let's get selfish

i usually don't bite on new years resolutions. it seems lame to use the birth of a new year as motivation for something you can start today. but fuck it. I'm on board this year.

this coming year i would like to become a better photographer. 

this past year I've posted half as much on here as last year. and last year i posted half as much as the year before.

resulting in 10 posts. (this will make 11)



so I'm taking a few steps to fix this. 

1. accessibility

my love got me a sweet new messenger bag which i have been carrying with me everyday i got it. I'm  currently on ebay watching EOS-M cameras with a 22mm lens. sure, i can use my phone but that takes away any education. it figures out everything for you. not only that, it seems so disposable. if you follow me on instagram (you don't) you know i don't use that in the traditional way. i only post shit i consider dope. you won't see and cheeseburgers on there. just shit i deem artistically worthy. and brock. and cats (all super dope). i still plan on shooting with my phone and instagramming in the same fashion but if i get a solid pocket camera i keep on me i will not only be able to capture DOPER shit, ill also be working on the same camera operating system that i currently use. so since i only shoot in manual, ill be building my skill on a translatable machine. cause ill be the first to admit, i don't know my camera as well as i can and having a mini version will help with that. 

also, ive endorsed this camera to TWO friends without actually having a real point of view on the product. 

money where ones mouth is situation. 

2. arsenal. 

i know this is kinda related to #1 but.....shut up.
this year I'm also getting a 5D mark III. its something I've wanted since the day it was announced. i know i know the camera is just a tool. a camera can't see. i know. shut up.
 i don't fully subscribe to the philosophy that "your camera doesn't matter".
 soon after i got my 7D, i took a shot of my friend at 2 AM in his garage using only available light. the ISO was cranked to the max but i got and image. 
i was enthralled. 
before my 7D, i was shooting on a 50D. the low light limits are very set with that camera. 

where am i going with this.

 well, i believe the more pressure our oxygen tanks can stand, the stranger the fish we shall see. 

i want no limits to what i can shoot. i love available light and darkness. lets get some more usable images. 

I'm my biggest composition fan so thats not a problem for me. 

3. dead lines

i work better under pressure as lots of us seem to. it i can post at LEAST 52 times this year, ill be satisfied. 

once a week
shoot as much as you can

i also wanna have at least 4 videos that are mine (IE i wrote, shot, edited) that I'm ascetically really proud of this year.

ill be making a ton of videos, but not all will be mine.

so thats kinda it. 

shoot more.
post more.
be better.

lets earn this mark